Thursday, August 20, 2009

What happens when I am at work

Evidently this it what happens when I am at work.
Jim makes the bed and 2 of the cats immediately claim it for themselves. It's rough to be a cat in our house. :-) (Notice the extra quilt folded up under them so they can have extra padding so they are definately comfy)
And Jim got the foundation powerwashed, and the steps made, now he just has to put in the risers and then we need a rail, lattice and the foundation painted. Today it's really raining though so he has a repreive, I have a feeling we will be working on the house this weekend.

1 comment:

Lorie K said...

What deprived kitties you have!!!
The quilts look gorgeous, btw...
And the deck looks nice. You guys did a very nice job. Does that mean that when we are ready to do ours that Jim will be able to come down to supervise?
I'm glad you're almost ready for winter up there... But enjoy the last of summer!