Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update on the deck

The deck is wonderful! We just have to add rails, lattice (to keep larger critters from living underneath), and steps. It went together very well, thanks to our great neighbors who helped out.

(We left the old porch underneath. Once the lattice is up you won't see it, and it will make a great spot for the chipmunks to nest. I love watching them. :-)

Here are the neighbors who helped us with this project. Bill on the left, (Jim in the middle) and Randy on the right. They also helped with the siding. Randy knows all about how to do this stuff for yourself, and Bill provided ALOT of manual labor. Jim and I are both thankful for all the help.

All that is left to do for this summer is to paint the foundation, that blue has got to go!

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Knitman said...

We have chipmunks wild in Britain now. From those escaped or let loose pets.