Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's ready to be quilted!

So I finished the quilt for the guest room, now I have to get the backing and drop it off for Chris to quilt. I just wish she was bad at the long arm quilting stuff, because then it wouldn't take so long to get my quilt done! She has a waiting list. And believe me, she does a great job making it worth the wait!

I am calling this quilt "Grandpa's Pond". I spent alot of time playing in that pond growing up, and all these fabrics remind me of the pond. And the bear? Grandpa said he saw a bear back there one day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Quilted Moose has a mascot

And my apologies, it has taken me one week to get the picture of sweet Abby up!

She is a sweetheart, and really enjoyed her visit to the Moose. :-)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Class at the Quilted Moose

It was great fun yesterday, we had class at the Moose. We took fabric, like this,

And then we cut it and put it back together to make blocks like these:

Then you add a border, and then sashing and cornerstones. I haven't gotten that far yet. I ran out of the teapot fabric, but I have more on the way from my friend in Ohio who happens to work at Joann's. Thank goodness! Our Joanns sold out of it. But here are some more blocks from people that were at the class.

Paige was trying to decide what color to use for the borders.

And Judy actually got some borders on her blocks,

It was really neat, and I will definately do this one again!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Quilting yesterday at the Moose!

I had such a great time yesterday, I got to sew all day at the Quilted Moose. We had the Trip Around the World Class, I like this one so much that I've taken it twice! This time it's a quilt for our guest room, and all the fabrics relate to my grandpa's pond. I spent alot of time in and on that pond when I was little. So here are some pics from yesterday:This is what we started with. I went bigger, my squares were 6", Paige went with 3" for a baby quilt.

We got halfway done, and here is the size difference:

By the time class was over, Paige was done with the baby size.

Another quilter went larger, with a 6 1/2" square:

It's a fun class and I really enjoy it. And here is the quilt from the new class they just decided to do next month,

And of course, there are always quilts that are laying around tempting you.

Yes, yesterday was a good day!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Jim in the classroom

Here is Jim in action. :-)

Saturday, April 12, 2008


Jim doesn't know, but our bedroom now looks like this:

I am making a new quilt, but that class isn't till the end of May. This morning I woke up to more snow, and I thought I would share:

I spent part of the morning shoveling so that they could bring the new furniture in! It was well worth it. Jim has no idea the new furniture is here, he will be home in a few hours from Indy. He does know that the room is about finished, just a few minor touch ups that will be done on Monday.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

We have a floor!!!

We have a floor in the guest room.

It is stunning! Tomorrow they are doing the master bedroom. And then it's just trim and the doors and the closet doors and and and. :-) Soon though, soon we'll be back in our rooms! And not "living" in the living room.

Tonight Jim and I started Tai Chi class. It was excellent. It felt really good to slow down and breathe...

Sunday, April 06, 2008

And on today's agenda

Today I am going to work at ripping out more quilt squares that aren't lining up, and I want to start my quilt that I have do all the embroidery on. So today that is what I shall do. Yesterday I went to the Quilted Moose for a bit. I just couldn't settle down, even though it was Diva day and all. And Pajama Party was last night and I didn't go to that. Pajama Party is once a month, and you can go sit and quilt all night and eat pizza and desserts. Maybe next time around.
Jim showed me the railcar they burn in yesterday. They build "rooms" and then set them on fire to train the students. And they have a 2 story smoke tower, here are pics of that.

And before I forget, here is the quilt Chris is working on, it's gorgeous!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

We have color!

They have finished painting the guest room,

And put up the new light:

The master bedroom is done as for the lighter blue,

But they have 1 or 2 more coats to do on the darker blue.

I love that blue! It's actually a bit darker than in the picture, and this is the wall that will have our headboard and the 2 nightstands. I'm anxious to see what happens when you do the 2nd coat.

Now I shall head off to the quilt shop for much needed time away from construction!