Thursday, October 29, 2009

Last weekend...

Last weekend we did a mystery quilt class, and I finished a whole quilt top in a weekend (about 64" by 74"). From this:
To this:

Paige did a Scooby Doo:

We had a great time. And I used some of my stash! The snowmen fabric was actually one Paige had given me after I admired it in her stash, she had already made 2 quilts with it.

Hockey again this weekend!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gorby's Discovery

Gorby has discovered what the birdfeeder is. The little birds are darting from the apple tree to the feeder and back...and she's really loving it! She watches for awhile and then comes to yell at us like "Come check this out!"

I am very glad we put that feeder up for her!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Preparing for winter

So a couple weekends ago I woke up to snow.

To get ready this year we bought a birdfeeder for our cat. Our cats don't go outside, and in the winter Gorby gets very sad when she can't see the birds. So we set this up for her,

It's right outside the bay window where she likes to sit, and I can fill it from the deck and I don't have to try to get thru the snow to it. Hopefully it cuts down on her sighing, she actually does sigh when it snows out!

I finished the baby sweater for my co-worker,

Fiber trends pattern #CH-33, Baby Brights. It's a great pattern.

Jim was given a puppet yesterday, it's going to school with him. The cats aren't too sure about it, Shadow wouldn't even pose with Lil' Doc...see the resemblance? :-) Thanks for the puppet Travis!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Half over

The work week is over 1/2 over and we are headed into a busy weekend. We have hockey games to go to, and we also have tickets to a comedy show. I hope to finish some projects up this weekend, I can knit on the sock at the hockey games, just have to get it fixed, I lost a stitch and had to rip back at the last game. Oh bother! I would like to finish one sock and the baby sweater I am working on. And I really do need a pair of mitts to match my new winter coat I got last year, and it's getting cold enough to wear mitts, we've had snow twice, it just didn't stay.

Sunday, October 04, 2009

This weekend...

I didn't get the baby sweater done that I wanted to. I did buy an alternate gift for the shower just in case, and it's wrapped and ready to go for the baby shower tomorrow after work. It was decided Thursday to have the baby shower on Monday, and I was caught unprepared. So I think that I will go ahead and make a couple baby sweaters and have them on hand just in case!
The Lakers played their first game on Saturday night and won. It was a great time!