Friday, August 27, 2010

Time won't slow down!!!

I cannot believe it's the end of August. The kids are back at the college and it's nice. Time to get ready for fall, and prepare for winter. I have plenty of yarn, and I always have a bit of chocolate in the house, so I guess I am ready.

I took these pics of the back of our willow tree.

Looks like knitted cables to me. :-)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Last weekend...

I've been thinking about last weekend and how great it was. Not only did I see an old friend, Pat, but I met Lynne-Marie, and we hit if off very well. Thoughts are even turning to next year to see if we want to do it all over again! And of course have some more of that pizza! The B&B was really wonderful, and within walking distance of downtown, so we could park and walk the whole weekend, except for when we went to the fiber mill, and to have dinner with Lynne-Marie's mother. The scenery was stunning, and makes me appreciate living in Michigan.

Monday, August 09, 2010

The B&B!

Last weekend Pat drove up from Toledo, and I drove down from the Soo, and we met in Grayling, MI at Borcher's, It was wonderful! Here are the pictures to prove it, first the wonderful breakfasts:

And the wonderful view off the second floor balcony:

And our room was wonderful, the door opens up onto the balcony:

And when you don't have a swift, you make do.

All the canoes!
Don't forget the lucky dog that lives here:
And the wonderful pizza downtown at Bear's Den Pizzaria:

And the fiber mill in East Jordan...

My goodies:

And Pat got me two suprises from Debra's Garden!

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Acts of caring

I was asked to fix the new neighbor girl's blanket. She's three. And I had a deadline, I had to have the rips fixed before bedtime. While I was sewing it up, I was thinking about the handsewing, and how both men and women have been mending blankets, clothing, etc for hundreds of years. Out of necessity, out of wanting to save a treasured item for future use. I fixed the blanket, on time, and delivered it back to Emily. I told her it was mended, and she wanted to see my work. I think it passed. :-)