Saturday, September 10, 2011

How cute is this?

The other night these two were snoozing on the couch, and no, I didn't pose them this way. It was adorable.

I guess they do like each other. At least when they are sleeping.
On another note I finished an afghan I was crocheting for a lady. It turned out really well, at first the edges didn't seem to be working out but as the afghan got heavier they evened out.

Monday, September 05, 2011


Worked on an afghan this weekend, haven't crocheted this much in quite awhile and it's turning out very nice.
Went to Diva club on Saturday but only stayed a few hours. Sat in computer training all last week and can't wait to get to the chiro tomorrow. I have an office job but am certainly not used to sitting still that long, we are always up and down. Sitting still killed me, my back hurts like never before.
Had a nice long walk today with Jen, 4.2 miles. I google mapped it when I got home. Feels good to get out and stretch my legs and get fresh air. Soon it will be winter and we won't be able to walk like that, we'll have to find somewhere to walk inside. In Ohio people walked inside the mall which was nice. We'll figure something out.
Jim finished the siding on the garage, now he just has to put up a couple pieces of lattice on the front deck. The plants we ordered for the front bed should be shipped tomorrow, then we can get those in the ground before winter.