Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Random thoughts early in the day!

I work today and tomorrow and I am off for 5 in a row. I am excited about that because it's been quite awhile before I was off for that long and it's going to be nice to be off for Jim's birthday. I can bake his cake, I wrapped his gifts yesterday. I can make homemade spaghetti sauce Busia style.
And of course I will knit. I almost have a pair of socks done and I am anxiously awaiting the information on level 1 of the master knitter's course. I have wanted to do it for years and finally ordered the materials last week. (www.tkga.com). I am looking forward to the challenge, and the fun of it!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sock Yarn Addiction

Ok, I have a problem. First, a completed pair of socks I gave to a co-worker.

Now, for the problem. Here are the balls of sock yarn I have.
Yes, quite a few. Opal, Regia, etc, etc. Some to knit boy socks, some to knit girl socks. The next ones are Lorna's Laces, but they are special because I designed the colorways when I lived in Ohio for the local yarn shop and they were dyed for the shop. Sunsets, from left to right, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

Love Lorna's. See all of my Lorna's Laces together:

And then for the rest of the handpaints and odds & ends:

Yes, a bit of an issue when I count it all up. Enough yarn to knit 71 pair of socks, plus some. But I love sock yarn and can't quite stop myself. :-) And there are worse things.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Busy weekend!

It has been another busy weekend, quilting and cleaning and getting ready for another week at work. Last weekend we were able to go to Ohio to visit, we went to a graduation and then an open house. I also got to see my Godson and his brother, my Godson by proxy. I have no idea really what that means, just that what I do for Bradley I do for Zac.
That is Bradley on the left and Zac on the right. We also hit a deer on the way down on I 69,

Amazingly enough the car was still in good shape to drive, and we were able to continue on our way. The estimate came in at $2800, and the car will be fixed next week after the parts come in. Thankfully we were not hurt and Jim was driving, which was a good thing. And thank goodness we have insurance!