Thursday, September 25, 2008

Command central...and Survivor knitting!

Survivor starts tonight. It's on right now. And here I go. My goal is to work on UFO's during Survivor. Here is the pile I put together. I'm sure there are more lurking though.

There is a scarf, a prayer shawl, another scarf, a pair of socks for my husband (both at least to the heel flap part), one shortie sock for me finished, just need the 2nd one...and a pair of socks I am knitting for my mom. So I have plenty to knit on while I watch. And I would like to clear out my knitting basket for the new year. It's coming, and coming fast. I'm also working on the Secret Stole but that isn't an UFO, since I work on it every week and I am all caught up and ready for clue 7 that will be out tomorrow.

Here is a picture I took last Sunday.

You will notice all 3 cats on the couch, with my husband at his desk in the background there. On the right side of the couch is a fleece pillow, and that is command central. That is where I spend my time, knitting and watching tv and cuddling with the cats. Now all I need is that big screen tv and I'll be ready for winter and the blizzards that I feel are in our future.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Clue 5 Done!!

I finished clue 5, and here it is:

Hard to really see it on the beige carpet, here's a closer pic:
I am really enjoying this, and tomorrow is another clue! :-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fall is in the air...

I'm starting to get things in order for winter. We spent alot of time on our deck this summer, and this coming spring we are going to get a new set of furniture for out there. But for now, I am cleaning up and straightening and getting ready to spend the next 5 months or so indoors for the most part. We still have lots of good weather left, but I really need to de-clutter this house because it will drive me crazy looking at it all winter! And I am busy working on quilts for Christmas, and I am working on the secret stole and I just ordered beads to make the mystery stole that started a couple weeks ago. Whew! I just ordered the beads though, I am using yarn I already had. Need to use up some of the yarn I have before I order more. I always say that, but then break down when I see the gorgeous handpaints online. :-)
Now I am off to finish clue 5 of the secret stole. I'm about halfway done with that clue.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Clue 3 done!!!

I'm so excited that I am keeping up with Secret of the Stole 3! I finished the 3rd clue, but I am having a hard time getting a good picture of it. Lace doesn't look good till it's properly blocked.

The next clue will be out on Friday, and I can't wait to start on it Friday night!