Sunday, August 30, 2009

Planned failed...

Well, not all the way. I did knit on the shawl, and I tied in the last skein of yarn tonight. We sat out on our new deck and watched the moon, drank coffee. It's 50 degrees here tonight. I was warm with the shawl spilling over my lap.
Since I don't have a pic of anything I was working on this weekend, here is a scarf I finished a week or so ago for a co-worker. It's worsted weight, Cascade 220 actually.

I like to make things for people I work with. I appreciate the people I work with. We all work very hard to take care of the clients, and I want my co-workers to know that what they do is noticed.

Although I didn't get anything finished, we did get the first coat of paint on the foundation. I am hoping that we finish up the outside work this coming week, since it is going to be turning nasty weather wise sooner rather than later. One more coat of paint on the foundation, and the lattice under the deck and the railing. We got alot done this summer and it looks really nice. Here is before we painted the foundation,

and here is the after:

Once the lattice is up you won't be able to see the blue under the deck. And next summer we will have a sidewalk put in, and landscape between the sidewalk and the front of the house.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

The plan

Here is the plan. It's Saturday morning and I have a ton of UFO's. I think I can safely say I can get 3 done this weekend. There is a pair of socks I am making for a Christmas gift, a shawl with Lion Brand Homespun, and a wallhanging that just needs the binding finished. I think I can safely say I can get all those done. It's supposed to rain all weekend, so I am going to run to the grocery and get some food and I'll be set. I am still getting over my cold, so I think a weekend of laying low and hot baths and tea is just the ticket.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quite the crappy day

I just had a crappy day. I still have my cold and don't feel well, and on top of that we still don't know about cuts at work. We are all hoping that no one loses their job, but in reality we don't know. At this point we are all just plugging along and making sure our clients get what they need while we wait. It's very stressful.
So today I came home, after having to run to the grocery in the rain, and I got out my wheel after dinner. My beautiful wheel that I rescued after answering an ad in the classifieds. She was covered in splatters of paint and the wood was so dry. I took her home and oiled her and used the finest steel wool I could find to get the paint off without damaging the finish. She's pretty. A bit picky at times, not wanting to take right off and spin. Just tonight when I was trying to get her going she gave a bit of an attitude. See, it's been probably a year since I did any spinning. And she protested and teased a bit before she took off and started whirling for me. But I spent a nice peaceful hour with her tonight, and I left her in the corner of the living room so tomorrow, when I get home from another crappy day, she's ready to sooth.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Dew on the web

Before I left for work this morning I discovered a spider web with dew, and it was so pretty. I ended up getting out the ladder to get some better pics of it. Jim likes this one,
But I like this one better,

because it was my willow tree behind it. My willow tree is huge!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Choosing a charity to knit for

I am in the midst of trying to choose a charity to knit for. There are so many that I would like to make things for, and I know I can knit for more than one, but I would like to pick a charity I support and focus my efforts. I have narrowed it down to two. One is here in the U.S., one is in afghanistan. I am going to be using wool, I love to knit with wool. I just can't decide between the two. Does anyone else have any thoughts on this? I have been told to keep things in the states, but I watched Generation Islam and when I saw the orphanages in Afghanistan it broke my heart. I am grateful for what I have and I know I have so much and I want to give back. And let's face it, I have plenty of yarn to do it with! I guess part of it is I can't stand the thought of anyone being cold. Living where I do, I know that warm clothing isn't a luxury.
A bit of a rambling post, but I would like to get some more opinions on this.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What happens when I am at work

Evidently this it what happens when I am at work.
Jim makes the bed and 2 of the cats immediately claim it for themselves. It's rough to be a cat in our house. :-) (Notice the extra quilt folded up under them so they can have extra padding so they are definately comfy)
And Jim got the foundation powerwashed, and the steps made, now he just has to put in the risers and then we need a rail, lattice and the foundation painted. Today it's really raining though so he has a repreive, I have a feeling we will be working on the house this weekend.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The middle of the week, only 2 more days to get up early. I have tons to do at work but I would really rather just go back to bed. :-) I think Jim is going to paint the foundation this week, it's supposed to rain on Saturday, so maybe we will finish that up together on Sunday. Then it's the steps for the deck, and the railing and the lattice for underneath. The steps are going to be wide, and are going to be low, so that one doesn't have to lift your foot very high to get to the next step. We want them like that so it's easier for people with mobility issues to get in and out of the house. Maybe this weekend I can find some furniture for out there too, everything is going on clearance up here!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update on the deck

The deck is wonderful! We just have to add rails, lattice (to keep larger critters from living underneath), and steps. It went together very well, thanks to our great neighbors who helped out.

(We left the old porch underneath. Once the lattice is up you won't see it, and it will make a great spot for the chipmunks to nest. I love watching them. :-)

Here are the neighbors who helped us with this project. Bill on the left, (Jim in the middle) and Randy on the right. They also helped with the siding. Randy knows all about how to do this stuff for yourself, and Bill provided ALOT of manual labor. Jim and I are both thankful for all the help.

All that is left to do for this summer is to paint the foundation, that blue has got to go!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Michael Vick in the NFL again???

NOOO!!!! I don't get it. I know some people are saying he paid his debt, etc etc. But please, playing in the NFL isn't a right, he can get a job and work like everyone else. Kids look up to sports figures, and I wouldn't want any child to think it's ok to do what he did. If you feel the same way, go to and comment.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The beginning of the deck

I was able to take 4 hours of vacation this afternoon, and I got to come home and help set the posts for the deck.

There won't be much action till this weekend now, when we actually get to put the flooring of the deck down. Jim is going to back fill around the posts tomorrow. And yes, we have purchased paint to paint over the blue of the foundation, it's 10% darker than the siding. You have to love the technology they have now to mix paint.

We're building a deck!

When Jim did the siding he took the front porch off the house. So now we are going to put a small deck on the front in place of it. I am very excited about this. It's going to be 10' by 10', enough room to sit a small table out there and I can knit and watch what is going on in the neighborhood. Which isn't much, we live on a quiet street, but the front of the house gets sun in the morning, which will be nice if I want to sit out and have a mug of tea and get some rays. :-) But we shall build that this weekend, and I am going to help. So look out for pictures!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Almost done....

The siding is almost complete. Tonight we will go purchase the paint for the foundation. And this weekend we will put the deck on the front. Or Jim will put the deck on the front and I will assist in clean up and food preparation. :-) It will be nice to get this all complete before winter, which is rapidly approaching. Hard to believe we are headed into our 3rd winter here. Jim said this winter he is going to gut my craft room and do it however I want. We will see how that goes. I am not sure how I want it to be, but it gives me something to think about. I do think that I want an extra bed in there, a day bed to stretch out on and work on projects and relax. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stitch N' Pitch

So last weekend we headed down to Grand Rapids, MI for Stitch n' Pitch at the Whitecaps game. The first stop was They were having a sale on sock yarn. And they were really nice...a great shop that I recommend if you are in the area.
I indulged just a little bit. :-) And then on Sunday we went to the game. I knit on a sock,

And I got to eat some good food. I even had a roasted ear of corn on the cob, sold by this vendor.

I don't know why, but the site of that corn cart just cracked me up...every time it went by.

Monday, August 03, 2009

More of Zoe...

Here is a nice pic of Zoe.
Their cat, Phoebe, wasn't that thrilled with our visit. :-)


Jim and I went to Grand Rapids this weekend for a baseball game. We met up with our friends, Gregg & Kathy, and we got to meet Zoe. Zoe is a Boston Terrier, and she is a great dog. They got her from a rescue group, and she does a few tricks, and I apologize that the video is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to flip it, and it is late.