Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stitch N' Pitch

So last weekend we headed down to Grand Rapids, MI for Stitch n' Pitch at the Whitecaps game. The first stop was http://www.city-knitting.com/. They were having a sale on sock yarn. And they were really nice...a great shop that I recommend if you are in the area.
I indulged just a little bit. :-) And then on Sunday we went to the game. I knit on a sock,

And I got to eat some good food. I even had a roasted ear of corn on the cob, sold by this vendor.

I don't know why, but the site of that corn cart just cracked me up...every time it went by.


Lorie K said...

And you just had all your sock yarn organized, didn't you?
Do I see Noro sock yarn in there???
And Lorna's Laces?
Looks like you had a great time!
But I agree, the corn-on-the-cob cart is a little funky...

Knitman said...

Ooh, I love the look of your indulgence.