Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quite the crappy day

I just had a crappy day. I still have my cold and don't feel well, and on top of that we still don't know about cuts at work. We are all hoping that no one loses their job, but in reality we don't know. At this point we are all just plugging along and making sure our clients get what they need while we wait. It's very stressful.
So today I came home, after having to run to the grocery in the rain, and I got out my wheel after dinner. My beautiful wheel that I rescued after answering an ad in the classifieds. She was covered in splatters of paint and the wood was so dry. I took her home and oiled her and used the finest steel wool I could find to get the paint off without damaging the finish. She's pretty. A bit picky at times, not wanting to take right off and spin. Just tonight when I was trying to get her going she gave a bit of an attitude. See, it's been probably a year since I did any spinning. And she protested and teased a bit before she took off and started whirling for me. But I spent a nice peaceful hour with her tonight, and I left her in the corner of the living room so tomorrow, when I get home from another crappy day, she's ready to sooth.

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