Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today I accomplished a bit...

I washed and ironed the backing for our new winter quilt, so now I can get that dropped off to Chris at the Quilted Moose. I pin basted my bargello quilt that will be a wall hanging in our guest room. I finished sewing 2 pillowcases, I knit on my tank top, and started repairing a sweatshirt that had lace on it, the lace was wore out so I am crocheting new and sewing it in wear the old lace was. That project has top priority, so it will be completed by Tuesday night. It's still chilly here (47 degrees when I drove past the locks a bit over an hour ago), and I am sure the owner wants it back ASAP. :-) Tomorrow it's back to work, but I don't go in till 11:30 so I will be able to get some extra sleep in the morning.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Winter Quilt

I have finished our winter quilt top, just need to get the batting and the backing and get it to Chris at The Quilted Moose for quilting. I started this in our mystery star class, we learned how to use the Easy Angle 2. I love it! It makes piecing stars easy. The top is about 88 x 95, and it has 5 stars, one large one in the center and 4 smaller ones in the corners. The blue fabric is a Debbie Mumm from last holiday season, I must have liked it because I bought 5 yards when it was on clearance after last Christmas! It has polar bears on it. I have plenty of fabric left to make a cover for our large pillow and some pillowcases.

Nothing better than a cozy quilt to cover up with in the winter.
This weekend the weather is gorgeous. We are meeting Paige & the kids here in a bit to go bowling, should be entertaining...and then probably dinner.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Coming up, a three day weekend!!!

I am really ready for a 3 day weekend. Until I started working full time I never realized how important weekends are. You can rest and get caught up on things for the coming week. I love weekends. I have started reading a new novel, The Kill Artist, by Daniel Silva. Had a hard time putting it down last night to go to sleep! So this weekend I will be spending time on the deck (weather permitting) reading that. And we'll be grilling out as much as possible. And I do have plenty of knitting and quilting to do also!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New on the needles

I have started knitting a tank top for myself, in Alaskan Blue. It's this one: I think it will be a quick knit, in the round and only 2 seams to sew at the end. I made a top for the senior dinner earlier this month and I rather enjoyed wearing something that I had made for myself. I have made so many things and given them away, I think it's time I started knitting for myself.
This weekend I am taking a quilt classs at the Quilted Moose. It's a Mystery Star, and this quilt shall be our winter quilt for our bed. Jim is going to the shop tomorrow to finish picking out the fabrics for it, so it shall be a bit of a surprise when I get home tomorrow to see what he has picked out. He is very good at matching fabrics for quilts, so I know I will be pleasantly surprised. :-)

Monday, May 04, 2009

Cell Phone Cozies

I had a question about a pattern for the cell phone cozies. There isn't a "pattern" there is a panel you can buy from Chris at the Quilted Moose (, the panel isn't that expensive and you can make 3 cozies from it. You just iron it on your fabric and sew on the lines...very nice! :-)

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Graduation weekend!

Well, another year has gone by, hard to believe we have been here 2 years, and another group of students are on their way to start careers. Jim and I both are very proud of the students, I have met alot of them and it's nice to see them excited about starting their lives, careers...some are engaged, we've been told to hold some dates on our calendar! We are really blessed to be able to share in the lives of so many wonderful people.
We spent part of today cleaning up the yard, I started digging up the raspberry bushes in the back corner. That area of the yard is such a mess, and it's time to get things cleaned up back there. Jim cleaned up the side of the garage, and now we just have to clean out behind the garage and it will look so much better.