Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New on the needles

I have started knitting a tank top for myself, in Alaskan Blue. It's this one: I think it will be a quick knit, in the round and only 2 seams to sew at the end. I made a top for the senior dinner earlier this month and I rather enjoyed wearing something that I had made for myself. I have made so many things and given them away, I think it's time I started knitting for myself.
This weekend I am taking a quilt classs at the Quilted Moose. It's a Mystery Star, and this quilt shall be our winter quilt for our bed. Jim is going to the shop tomorrow to finish picking out the fabrics for it, so it shall be a bit of a surprise when I get home tomorrow to see what he has picked out. He is very good at matching fabrics for quilts, so I know I will be pleasantly surprised. :-)


Maria said...

I like the tank top, Jill! Right now I'm knitting a baby sweater with the same design at the bottom, but only one repeat of it. It's also up the bands and up the center of both sleeves. Take pictures so that we can see everything when you're done!

Knitman said...

well, do show when it's done, won't you?