Sunday, August 30, 2009

Planned failed...

Well, not all the way. I did knit on the shawl, and I tied in the last skein of yarn tonight. We sat out on our new deck and watched the moon, drank coffee. It's 50 degrees here tonight. I was warm with the shawl spilling over my lap.
Since I don't have a pic of anything I was working on this weekend, here is a scarf I finished a week or so ago for a co-worker. It's worsted weight, Cascade 220 actually.

I like to make things for people I work with. I appreciate the people I work with. We all work very hard to take care of the clients, and I want my co-workers to know that what they do is noticed.

Although I didn't get anything finished, we did get the first coat of paint on the foundation. I am hoping that we finish up the outside work this coming week, since it is going to be turning nasty weather wise sooner rather than later. One more coat of paint on the foundation, and the lattice under the deck and the railing. We got alot done this summer and it looks really nice. Here is before we painted the foundation,

and here is the after:

Once the lattice is up you won't be able to see the blue under the deck. And next summer we will have a sidewalk put in, and landscape between the sidewalk and the front of the house.

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