Sunday, October 18, 2009

Preparing for winter

So a couple weekends ago I woke up to snow.

To get ready this year we bought a birdfeeder for our cat. Our cats don't go outside, and in the winter Gorby gets very sad when she can't see the birds. So we set this up for her,

It's right outside the bay window where she likes to sit, and I can fill it from the deck and I don't have to try to get thru the snow to it. Hopefully it cuts down on her sighing, she actually does sigh when it snows out!

I finished the baby sweater for my co-worker,

Fiber trends pattern #CH-33, Baby Brights. It's a great pattern.

Jim was given a puppet yesterday, it's going to school with him. The cats aren't too sure about it, Shadow wouldn't even pose with Lil' Doc...see the resemblance? :-) Thanks for the puppet Travis!

1 comment:

Lorie K said...

I agree, Lil Doc looks a lot like Doctor Jim!!! How cute!
Sorry, but the snow doesn't quite make me homesick for Michigan, even if it's pretty!
And the bird feeder idea is great!