Monday, December 17, 2007

What a great secret santa!!

I got my secret santa package today, and it was great! I got yarn and knitting mystery books, and stitch markers from Debra's Garden, and 2 patterns and 2 dishclothes, one with a tree knit into it and one with a bell. And an ornament for my tree, and sock point protectors and some other stitch markers...I must have been a very good girl! Here Gorby checks it all out.
And as soon as I saw the yarn, it was fate. I had some already here, alpaca, but not enough to do anything with really. Now I have enough, three shades of it:
I'm so excited! As soon as I get my gifts finished up I can start something for me, I think a short sleeved cardigan is in my future. Thank you so much to my secret santa, Dot!

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