Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dinner and a concert

What a great night! We went to dinner at a local Italian restaurant, and then it was off to the holiday concert at the school. It was a fun time. And now home, and time to post some pictures. First, Jim's new shoes.

Yes, they are really that red! He loves them.
Now, today was just pretty with the sun on the snow, so here is our backyard this morning.

And Jim, with this huge icicle. :-)

It's been a great day!


Knitman said...

Those red shoes!!!! I have been hunting for men's red shoes for years. I got a pair in France but it is a rather tame red. I am going to look when we go to Germany on the 2oth.
I envy the snow. And Jim's icicle. It's huge!

Bamber said...

Those shoes are especially HOT with the sweat pants JIMMY!

Anonymous said...

Those are the sexiest red, red shoes a man can have this side of the yellow brick road.