Sunday, December 30, 2007

Sweater Design Choices/Mystery Stole Knit-A-Long II Swatch

So here is what I am debating. I have put together yarn to knit myself a short sleeve, v-neck cardigan. Here is what I have for design option #1.

The cream and lighter brown yarn are worsted weight, the rest are all sport. I am going to do a fair isle pattern so that shouldn't matter, I will use a worsted weight and a sport weight in each row. Here is choice #2:

I have eliminated the LL's sport weight navy, and the buttons are smaller, silver with a purplish center. The blue yarn that is in this grouping has purple tones in it. So, what do you think? Option 1 or Option 2??

I'm also doing the Mystery Stole Knit A Long II, and here is my swatch, I'm using Lost Lake Heather from Knit Picks, Lace weight, 100% Merino, and size 4 circ's. My swatch measures 8" x 5.5".

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Gammy aka Peggy said...

Your swatch looks great. I just love Knit Picks Shadow. I made my SOTS out of it.