Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Saturday at the quilt shop

So Saturday we gathered at the quilt shop to make snowman wallhangings. And it was a blast. As the pictures will show:

First, Jan's quilt, it was really pretty.

Paige was selected to be a diva, hence the scarf. That means she was allowed to cut in line for food, or to use the rotary cutter, whenever she wanted, and if there was ripping to be done, we had to do it for her.

Then it was on to sewing. On the left is Paige's stack of fabric, on the right, my little kits I made up so I had everything all ready to go. I can be a bit type A.

Paige's first snowman:

And Shasta's

And Paige's sister Judy:

And mine. It was loads of fun.

Tune in Friday for a look at Jim's new shoes!

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