Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost the weekend

Last night it snowed, and it was so pretty. I love to twirl around in the snow with my face to the sky. And I love to curl up under quilts and knit and watch movies. They say that when women are pregnant they "nest". I think I nest in the fall. I make sure we have extra's of various things, like hot cocoa, and I'm all set. We have a few movies we have purchased that we haven't watched yet, a puzzle or two tucked away. Plenty of yarn, and I'm ready for a blizzard!
Tomorrow is Thursday and it will be busy at work, and then before I know it, Friday, that magical day of the week where every minute takes you closer to the weekend and 2 days of sweet freedom from a schedule. Although I do have quilting on Saturday, we're making Christmas tree wall hangings. :-)

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