Friday, October 24, 2008

When I am sick...

When I am sick, this is how it is.

I hate to be sick, and Wednesday night I came down with a wicked flu bug. Thursday work was not an option, and today it wasn't either. I have come to the conclusion that there is NOTHING on tv during the day, but thank goodness for the free things to watch On Demand. Watched a very good special on Stonehenge today. Managed to get a shower even and feel a bit more human. Tonight this is what I am doing. Surrounded by cats,and yes, all 3 are on there with me, with my laptop and tea and knitting. Can't quite get warm, have the quilts piled on and the heat pack on my feet under that!
I did get a good surprise in the mail today, I got my prize for completing the Secret Stole. These are just gorgous.

SokBlokkers from Karat Stix. I would like to know what wood this is, so if anyone knows please post to the blog so I know? Thanks! My pictures definately do not do these justice, and I doubt I will ever put a sock on them. After my studio is gutted and remodeled these will hang on the wall so I can look at the pretty snowflakes all the time. I really did enjoy the KAL, and this was a huge bonus.

Now, this picture was taken last full moon. I didn't think any of them turned out, but I like the looks of this one.

I am well on the mend and to the point I am hungry even!


Knitman said...

Congrats on the sock blockers.
Poor you being sick though. Yuk! John finally had his flu jab-he was ambushed! Got lots of domestic stuff to do this weekend. As for TV we watch mainly DVD's as nothing much on TV and when there is, I hate the ads that interrupt it!

N. Maria said...

Your gift of the personal sock blockers is beautiful!
I hope you get well sooner than later and I second Colin on TV!
Sending well wishes your way!

karatstix said...

Congratulations on finishing the SOTSiii stole and winning the SokBlokkers! I'm glad you like them -- they are made from earth-friendly bamboo :)