Friday, July 04, 2008

A Dye Day!!!

Today was THE day. One of my Christmas gifts last year was a set of dyes from Today I finally used them. I was shooting for a faded, dusty purple. I missed the mark on that one. And then I just decided to dye more yarn and ended up with some blue. It was fun, I love to dye yarn and I will do more of it. I was shooting for the nearly solid look today. There are still tons of techniques to explore, including hand painting!

This pot belonged to Jim's grandmother, and it is getting put to good use. :-)

This yarn is actually a baby yarn (wool) that was on clearance at the yarn shop. It came in balls, so I wound it into hanks to dye it. There are blue dots in it, but you can't see them now! Here is the purple I ended up with, after using just 1/2 the dye the directions said to. This is potent stuff.

I love the blue, it didn't dye as solid as the purple did, and I think it will look nice knit up into a short sleeve sweater for me. I still get too warm to wear long sleeves here, so both of these yarns will be short sleeved cardigans, and both of the yarns are fingering weight.

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Anna said...

Very Cool, I love the blue!!