Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

Well, it's 2009. I started off the morning with a new quilt. The Peace Quilt. I am using batiks for it, and a cream colored background. I have finished one block. It should go much quicker the more blocks I do, the first one was the hardest, figuring out how it all goes together.

Jim's painting is coming along very nicely. He might work on it today, we aren't planning on going anywhere.
The next picture shows the fog that we drove through to get home the Saturday after Christmas. I have never seen fog that thick. This was the view as we came off the Mackinac Bridge into St. Ignace.

And finally, the last of the Christmas quilts. This one was for my brother. He likes Peanuts, so I collected all the holiday fabrics for a year and made him a quilt with matching pillowcases.

I am hoping for peace in the new year, and also hoping that the economy picks up so that people in need of a job can get a good one, with benefits, a job that will enable them to take care of their families and have a good life.

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