Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Entrelac knitting

I picked up the Winter issue of Knitter's, and the entrelac sock pattern just looked like a fun thing to try. The pattern is by Sandi Rosner, and it's good. I have never tried this technique before, and it's coming out very well. I wish I had used a different yarn, and I think I will try a handpaint next.

Up here in the north it is cold. And getting colder. Our new washer was delivered today, the old one died on Friday night. I have to let the new one sit over night to warm up before I use it. I have pulled all the curtains shut to keep the heat in the house. I'm bundled up with a quilt, sipping coffee and waiting for NCIS to come on. Shadow has discovered one of our Christmas gifts, a sherpa pillow. I had leaned it against the dresser and it slid down. Didn't take her long to figure out that was a good comfy spot.

Funny, when it's on the bed she doesn't pay any attention to it. Silly cat.

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