Monday, October 24, 2011

Time flies!

We had another busy weekend, 2 hockey games and I had a quilt class on Saturday. Not my normal colors, more "Jim" colors. Really like the way it is turning out though, and I ordered fabric last night for borders so I can make the quilt large enough for our bed, will be our fall quilt for next year. Eventually we will probably have a quilt for every month of the year! It is nice to change things up though.
Have another project underway. When I went to the quilt show I saw Newfie mittens for sale. I have been doing a little digging, and have found patterns for traditional Maine mittens also, but none for Michigan mittens. I am going to design my own and the pattern will then be available for free, my hope is that people will use the pattern to make mitts for charity, as well as for family. I have certain criteria in mind, at this point I am in the learning stage. I have just cast on a pair of Newfie mitts, I am going to knit a few pair of mitts from existing patterns and figure out what I like. And I do think the mitts will have directions for 2 needle and 4 needle....
But for now it's time to get ready for work.

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