Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Long time, no post! I am in pre-Christmas hectic knitting stage. But I will get everything done, just because I always get it all done in the end. I am knitting a dozen Christmas hats for the NICU in Canada, I have 6 more to go. I was off for quite a bit at the end of last month, I actually took vacation time. We went to Dayton for Thanksgiving and then swung through Toledo on the way home and had lunch with Pat and did a ton of shopping. All I can say is that I have Irish breakfast tea to last me through the winter and I now have a dressform so I can knit freeform garments.
We are getting snow. And we are supposed to get alot of it. I am hoping for a snow day but I also know that isn't going to happen. Big sigh. :-)
I do have a few pictures of a beaded handbag I knit for my friend Kathy for her birthday. It is small, only about 3" long. But I love the way the beaded knitting feels, and Kathy likes it too!

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Julie said...

Very lovely. Is it the technique where the beads are strung on first? Do tell, which pattern is this?
Julie in San Diego