Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

For the first time in years we had good weather for the drive to my mom's. It's only 5 hours, give or take, but it sure can be a long drive if there is lake effect snow. This year no fog, freezing rain or snow. Travelers who were flying can't say the same thing. I hate the thought of people sleeping in airports. It does not look comfy at all.
I took a picture when we stopped for gas on the way down,

you have to love it when a snowmobile pulls in alongside your car to fuel up. On the way home we saw lots of trailers loaded with snowmobiles on their way north, hopefully we get some fresh snow for them.
While we were visiting my mom she asked me if I remembered this:

I made this when I was 5. My brother made one the same year, 1976. My flag is brown, not sure about that choice.

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