Thursday, July 08, 2010

Level 1 complete!

I rec'd word, I have completed level 1 of the master knitter course. I have ordered level 2, but it is being revised so I have to wait. I was going to take a break but Jim convinced me to keep going or I would never finish it. So of course I listened to my husband. :-) While I wait for it to arrive I have plenty of other projects to do. My studio remodel will begin this coming spring I believe, so I want to use up some materials so it's easier to clear the room. I think I have decided what I want the room to look like, but of course that is subject to change. I want my studio to be well organized, and comfortable to work in for hours. The desk my dad built me will be tucked in the cut out by the closet, Jim will make it a bit wider so it will fit. The closet will be outfitted so I can store my stuff, and I do think that one whole wall will be cabinets so that I will never run out of storage. (Never say never? :-)

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