Friday, March 13, 2009

I am a stacker

I admit it. I am a stacker. I can't help it. I just pile things on top of each other till I don't remember what all is in the stack at the bottom. This weekend I am going to clean the stack off the chair in the dining room. I sew in there, and I stack patterns and fabric and I have no idea what else is in there. But this weekend I am cleaning up that stack. And I am going to finish the quilt I am making for the neighbors' nephew. And I am going to knit on my shawl I started last night. My yarn came for the Fountain Pen Shawl, and I actually cast on last night. Couldn't wait. So that is what I did. Tonight on the way home from work I shall swing by and get a pizza, we can eat and then I can clean up that stack and start sewing and knitting. Tomorrow is quilting at the Quilted Moose, we're making bags. I have no idea what the bag looks like, but I will get my fabric together tonight for that. Not sure what else I will work on, but I have plenty of projects, that's for sure.
Here's to Friday! (Even if it is Friday the 13th! :-)

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Knitman said...

Oh good! I am not alone then....
I clear up my mess, usually from the settee, and swear I will not let it build up again only for it to be a mess in a couple of days!