Friday, March 27, 2009

How many projects?

How many projects do you have the yarn for? I was cleaning out my knitting basket last night in anticipation of starting a new sweater for me this weekend. The Central Park Hoodie was to be on my needles this weekend. Until I cleaned out my knitting basket. And there where UFO's. A prayer shawl. One sock of a pair. Another sock of a pair. And a partial first sock of another pair. So this weekend will be devoted to finishing projects already underway. Because that knitting basket is not the only place I stash partially completed projects.
Then I started to think about all the yarn I have stashed for other projects. And how it makes me feel guilty when I buy new yarn because I already have all that yarn. So now I am debating challenging myself to not buy new yarn. For a year. Yes, a whole year without new yarn. I have plenty, enough yarn for probably 100 new pair of socks, several sweaters, baby yarn in case of a needed baby shower gift.
So I shall take the plunge. No new yarn for a year. I can put it on my wish list for birthday and Christmas. But no new yarn for a year. As of today. And as I type this, I'm feeling a bit whoozy.
Wish me luck! Anyone else want to join me?

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