Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Paper piecing

I lost some of my pictures that I took Saturday at the Moose. I have no idea how or why. Here is what is left. I am still learning how to use my new camera remember. :-)

That would be Shasta's work area. She loves scraps remember, and she makes really great quilts with them too!
And here is my mother-in-law's first quilting experience at the Moose. She pieced a few quilt blocks back in the 70's, but hasn't done any quilting since. She is already talking about a new machine. :-)
And this is my first paper piecing. I am hooked. I already about a book. :-)
I plan on doing some paper piecing this weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Love those pictures!!! I think I saw that pattern that your m-i-l is doing. Is it "The Pines"?
So you like paper piecing... I have been talking to Sonya about it, and she loves it, too. I've resisted so far...