Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Shame on me!

I can't believe it's been that long since I posted! But here I am. I'm playing catch up, so this post is about our first blizzard since we moved here. It happened just under a week ago. Tuesday people were talking about the storm, so I knew it was going to be bad. Because up here they don't say much about storms coming. So I just knew. I went to the store after work and stocked up on food, and I was set. Wednesday when I woke up, this was my kitchen window:
They actually closed the university, giving my husband a snow day. I kept watching it blow, and then I called my boss. And was told to stay home, that they were telling everyone to stay off the roads. The kicker? It was so bad that the road crews weren't even out clearing roads, because there was no way to get ahead of it. So since we both had a snow day, this was my breakfast:

That was a great bowl of ice cream. Of course I didn't have this till after I got back out of bed at a bit after 9. And then it was off to work on Jim's Lone Star quilt. And it was completed that afternoon:

Now it just needs to go over to the Quilted Moose for quilting. She'll do a great job. She always does. That's why her waiting list is so long! :-) Tomorrow, our visit with Chad & Amber, who made it up in between storms to spend a great weekend with us!

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