Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pretty pretty day!

Today the sun is out, Shadow is loving it, chasing it from room to room. Jim got a few shots of the snow before I got up, it looks like it's being held to things with static electricity.

And I couldn't resist a shot of our Willow tree, it's so pretty! (Remind me of that next fall when we are trying to clean up the mess!)
Now back to laundry!


Anonymous said...

The pics of the snow look so pretty, especially the tree. That was extremely nice of Jim to get flowers for V - day. I got a dirty card, but it came from the heart.

Knitman said...

Baeutiful photgraphs. i adore snow.

Your comment on my blog today was deleted by my mistake. I had some spam to delete too and yours went as well. Sorry. You can leave it again if you wish.

Knitman said...

I( just realised who you are!!!! And here I was wondering whatever happened to you know who and all the time Fairy Godmother was you!
Anyway, these pictures are beautiful I am envious. I adore snow. even if if means this poor cripple would be housebound!