Friday, January 18, 2008

Hockey Tournament!

One of the best things about living here in the Soo is the hockey. And this weekend is a HUGE hockey tournament. And what could be better, our friend's son is playing, and he's a goalie! I went to 2 games today, and Michael played exceptionally well during both. And as a result he was awarded 2 medals, one for each game he played in. He was chosen by the opposing team's coaches as the best player on his team. Very cool! Here he is in action. I apologize, my camera is old and doesn't have a zoom:

And here he is with one of his medals:

The location of the second game was down by the river, and it was cold! The ship in this picture is a museum. Closed for the season of course.

Yes, we've had snow and more is on the way! :-)

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