Friday, January 20, 2012

The more I think...

the more I add to my list of things I would like to get done this weekend! There is the quilt that needs binding, and the fleece baby blanket I am putting a crochet edge on that I want to finish. And the 2nd monster kit Jim bought me for Christmas I would like to knit up. And my novel that I am working on that I would like to get to 10,000 words and is only at just over 5,000 words. So I guess since it is cold, I may as well stay in and work on some things! And since now I have posted everything I need to work on, I guess at the end of the weekend I will have to post what I have finished. :-) Nothing like pressure from the public to keep you going.
I have so many projects on the needles:
-A scarf for an AG doll
-The zebra
-A second sock that I even forgot I had knit the first of the pair
With freezing temps outside it's a good time to stay in and work on things.

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