Saturday, May 21, 2011

Not my weekend

I was all set to knit my sweater this weekend. Housework was caught up, I did my gauge swatch, this morning I got up and made a pot of coffee and cast on. Berroco Weekend yarn, the color was gorgeous. I found the first knot. I cut the yarn and kept going. I found the second knot. I cut the yarn and kept going. I found the third knot and emailed Berroco. I am waiting to hear back on Monday about what to do, I have 6 skeins and I have no idea if the other skeins have knots, and I am not even halfway into the first skein.
Then I thought the day was saved. I ordered a knitting book from, because the book isn't going to be available in the states till August and I wanted it Now with a capital "N". "The Gentle Art of Knitting". I follow Jane Brocket's blog and this is her latest book. It wasn't supposed to be here till after Memorial Day, but YEAH! It showed up today. I waited till after we went out for dinner to open it, and it's damaged. The dust jacket is tore a bit and so now I have to pay to send it back and then wait for reimbursement. And then I will wait until August when it comes out in the States.

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