Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Once again....

Once again I have neglected my blog. And I was off all last week, and you would have thought I could squeeze out one post. But I didn't. I lay on my couch and felt horrid, I had a horrible virus and didn't even care anything about anything till about Wednesday night. I discovered a few things last week, and one of which is I love purple gatorade, low cal. It's yummy. And I still love popsicles, but not the cherry ones, grape first and then orange and the red ones last. I discovered again how wonderful my husband is when I tried to bribe him to go get me gatorade and he went anyway and didn't take the bribe. (I said he could order $100 in books if he went out in the storm to get me gatorade and he didn't even do it. Shocking) I discovered that my cats seem to be concerned when I am not acting normally. And my Shadow loves to cuddle more than anything. (Well, not more than her food, but that's still pretty good).

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