Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The healing power of handmade items

I think that sometimes people underestimate the power of their creations. We all have some artistic bone in our bodies. My friend is a wonderful baker. My other friend is a very skilled knitter. My co-worker is a photographer, my other co-worker quilts, the list goes on. When we create something a bit of ourself is in the finished piece, and is given to the recipient of the item, be it a hat or mittens or a quilt. And that is a good thing. And wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone spent a little time creating something and then passed that item on? Think of the smiles we would create, the feeling of well being. So give it some thought, and see if you have time to create something to pass on. We all have talent, in all different areas. Make a card and send it to a friend who needs a lift. Write a poem and post it online for all to enjoy. Share a little piece of yourself and enjoy the reward of knowing that you might have just given someone a little sense of peace.

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