Monday, September 13, 2010

12 pumpkin baby hats

I am on hat #4 of 12. I would have been on hat #5, but one went to Andrea. So I keep knitting and knitting. On my lunch, at home on the couch, on the neighbor's couch, and tomorrow night on Jody's couch. These are cute hats, and they do work up quickly. But I wish I was on 12 of 12!
Our weather here is turning to fall quickly and that makes me very happy. I love fall, I love the leaves swirling around my feet while I walk. And I don't even mind winter, when I can curl up in my flannel pjs with the kitties and knit while watching hockey.
But first, I have to knit 12 pumpkin hats.

We had diva club on Saturday. Paige did her own thing while most of us cut out the block of the month quilt we are going to be doing. This is a finished quilt, it came out about 13 1/2" square.
Paige did it all in one day. I cut out 3 blocks and started knitting. Pumpkin hats of course!

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