Sunday, January 03, 2010

The New Year and finished projects

So I finished out 2009 and started 2010 by finishing up projects. Second sock syndrome no more! 2 pair hot off the needles just for me:

And potholders for the Lady's night at work, we are trying to get more women screened for breast & cervical cancer. I am putting together goodie bags, so far I have made the potholders and started knitting the dishclothes.

And I finished a quilt for ??? It's technically a comforter because I tied it, but it's so cozy!

Not a Christmas quilt, but a winter quilt with snowmen and trees.

So that is the start of the new year, and I hope that it continues to be as good as it started.

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Anna said...

Hey Jill,

Would you like some more sock yarn. I've given up trying to knit socks and I have that awesome yarn that people gave me when you first taught me to knit. I have one Opal and two Regia. Let me know!! You still have my e-mail right? If not just write it on your blog because I check it once a week or so :)