Saturday, December 26, 2009

We're back in the Soo!

We're back in the Soo after a visit down to see my mom and my brother. While we were there I learned that my great-grandmother was a knitter! She was born in 1892 and when she passed away she was survived by 11 children (3 had already passed). The obituary also states she is survived by 45 grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren! I was not born when she passed away. Here is a picture of Nellie, my great grandmother,
who knit mittens for children and then tucked a dollar inside. :-) I like her style.
While looking through old pics there was also this shot of me with my brother, when we lived here in the Soo. I was probably 2 or so in this photo.
The weather cooperated for our trip downstate, we passed by ice fisherman.

On the way home the highway was kind of bad,

So I did what every knitter should do, I knit. And knit. By the time we got to the Mackinac Bridge, my sock was almost complete, just a few rounds to do on the toe.

Unfortunately I was so nervous that I knit it way too long for my foot!

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Lorie K said...

Remember how I break needles when I'm tense (like going on bad roads)? I think we should call these problems "stress knitting" and be glad we have it to cope!
(Even when we go too far or break needles!)
Glad to hear you got to see your Mom.
Have a great New Year!