Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home again..

We went to Ohio for Thanksgiving. I got to meet my two nieces, twins, 5 months old. Amazing how they are so different! We ate lots, laughed lots, it is difficult to live away from family. But I remind myself that there are other families that are even farther apart this holiday season. And I am grateful for being able to travel to see ours. I saw my best friend Cheryl, and we shopped. And shopped. All I have left to get for Christmas are gifts for Jim. And some toys for the cats. Even though Jim said I have to throw some out if I am buying new. :-)


Knitman said...

We don't have Thanksgiving here and if we did I am sure John and I would ignore it just like we do Xmas and New Year!

Lorie K said...

I was devastated to find out that I had missed you! So close and yet so far away!
But I do feel better that you had a good time while you were here!
Missing you!