Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday again

The weather appears to be cool and rainy again, which has been normal for us this July in the Upper Peninsula. I like the cool, don't miss the Ohio heat at all. And tomorrow is already August 1st, which doesn't seem possible. Which means we are closer to another winter. This will be our 3rd, which also doesn't seem possible! I have plenty of wool and yarn, and fabric for quilts. I could get snowed in for a week and still not run out of things to do!
I have finished one sock lately and I am going to start the second. Jim has been working on the siding, found some rotten wood that needed replaced when he took the porch off the front. We are going to have a small deck on the front, and eventually the deck on the back might be a bit bigger. When we do have nice weather we love to be outside!

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