Sunday, April 05, 2009

The weekend is coming to a close

So yesterday at the Moose I finished 3 projects
A pillowcase and 2 bags, not bad. The little bag in the corner, this one:

Is a cell phone bag. It has 2 inner pockets and it's very cute! I liked making it some much I made 6 more! They only use 1/4 yard of fabric and you iron on the interfacing and it has the lines on it, you just sew on the lines! The bag is held shut with velcro. Only $3.50 a panel and one panel makes 3 bags. Chris has more of the panels, You can find her contact info on her website.

The yellow one has a whistle attached, for when you are walking and if you need help. The bottom 2 are for the neighbors' twin granddaughters, the bag is just big enough to hold a new box of crayons. :-)

Gorby has been acting strange, even more odd than usual.

And yes, she was purring. Strange one. That just doesn't look comfy but she was happy as could be.


Knitman said...

i want a frog pillowcase! And that pussy looks huge!

Yarnfairy said...

The cell phone cozys are cute most the frog cozy. Is it your own patter or were can I buy it? Two inner pockets sounds very good.

Hugs from Germany