Sunday, February 22, 2009

Baby quilt in a day

So this morning I woke up, realizing that my cousin's baby shower is just a week away. Which means I had to get the quilt done today so I could ship it. I had the fabric washed already, so I was off and running.
First I went through my book of block patterns, and I picked a simple block. I decided to make 12 1/2" blocks, which would finish to 12", 3 across and 3 down would give me a 36" by 36" quilt, a nice size. So then I cut the pieces.
Then I started piecing, make 5 blocks with the blue fabric and 4 with the white.

Then I put them in rows,

And sewed the rows together. Then I pressed the backing, which is the same fabric as the center of the squares. (Also, by keeping the quilt 36" by 36", it fit on to a piece of backing fabric without having to piece it). I pinned,

And started quilting on my machine. I have a Brother, and I love it. Today there were some tension issues, but it looks good. I am starting to look for a machine with a larger throat area so I can quilt larger quilts, I am finding I really enjoy doing all the work on my quilts, including the quilting. I was able to do the whole quilt in one day, including the binding. Not bad!

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Knitman said...

Clever you! I bet your cousin is thrilled with the baby and will be with your special gift.