Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Tuesday night at the Quilted Moose

So I showed up last night to the Moose, and discovered that Abby had company as the official Quilted Moose mascot. Meet Spike:

He is so tiny and so cute! And he comes with a sweater.

Abby rules over the cutting mat though,

(I think she was ready to go home at this point. She was closing her eyes a bit, trying to nod off until some annoying person kept putting a camera in her face.)

Spike & Abby did get along,

They were just too cute together. Oh, and there was quilting going on also, Brenda worked on her Hoochie Mama flower blocks.

This is what we were supposed to be working on last Saturday, my camera malfunctioned though and the pictures I took didn't come out.
Today is Wednesday, and soon it will be another glorious weekend. Which means more time for knitting and quilting!


Knitman said...

My friend Donna breeds and shows Yorkies. Cute little things they are too.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh! Daisy needs a sweater just like that! I love it!! And the quilt too. It's definately not a hoochie mamma quilt.