Saturday, March 22, 2008

We got the fan!!!

We had to drive an hour and a half one way, and cross the Mighty Mac: If you need, you can have someone drive you across in your car. Alot of people do that I think. The water looked very cold! On the way to Petoskey, we stopped in Alanson, and found this to my delight.

It's called The Dutch Oven Yarn Shop. The bakery was closed, but the yarn shop was open and it was a great stop along the way. I got yarn to make a cardigan for me, she had tons of samples and I love that, being able to see what I am making.

No work being done today, but this is what it looks like back there.

It's all just drywall and dust right now. But I do have to admit, here is the original flooring,

Yellow linoleum. How pretty. UGH!!!! Pretty soon it will be replaced by beautiful hardwood. And it will last forever.

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Judy said...

Ilove your choice of bedroom furniture! Did you ever knit SOTSii or have you been too busy? I am starting Mystic Light this week. Has your snow gone yet? Judy