Sunday, November 04, 2007

Such a rough day...

Yes, it's been a rough day in our household, can't you tell? :-)
Yesterday we went to Brimley to a craft show. It's about 20 miles from us. And I had to share this sign with you. Yes, we definatley live in the north now!

I did get some knitting done today, tried the Mobieus cast on. I'll find out in a bit if it's working or not, I'll be binding off my sample scarf and we'll see how this works.


Knitman said...

Oh your pussies are gorgeous. I really miss mine. In fact last night I dreamed I was getting one. I really don't think I will-dogs and litter trays don't mix plus I can't deal with them now-too heavy for me. Oh the joys of crippledom! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I see that Miss Shadow has taken over the Michigan blanket, so does this mean that since I made one that Justice took over I need to make one for Gorby!